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Have you ever danced in the outer courts of prayer and praise?

You love the outer court, but your heart knows there's so much more.

Finally, it happens!

You knew the door was there but now you see it clearly.

It leads to an inner chamber.

Your spirit knows that you are not only welcome to enter through this door,

but you are being compelled to. 

You step inside only to find the unexpected.

It's different than you could have ever imagined! 


My heart of passion for this book is that we, as God's Beloved, the one He has promised will be the Bride of His Son, are and will continue to be called to hear from the

heart of our Father God.


At some point in our walk as Women of Warfare

we will be given a mandate, a calling and a challenge along with

the wisdom, promises and a strategy from the Lord on how to pray and how to war!


He has given us this call to duty all throughout His Word, and with that call comes the ability through Him and through Him only to carry out our strategic heavenly assignments.

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Connie Lynn Stoffel 

and her husband Greg are

Senior Pastors of

Ignite Revival Ministries


Senior Apostolic Pastors

of Sequoia Worship Center.

They reside in

Willow Springs, Mo.

The truth that Connie shares is for the benefit of all who are serious about going deeper in relationship with Yahweh. 

Choosing to serve the Lord means that we must set our minds on Christ and become familiar with our Kingdom clothes, identities, resources, tools, weapons and keys. Getting Spiritually dressed daily is a training regime that must be consciously practiced just as soldiers in boot camp prepare and train every day in their dress and use of weaponry so that when needed, it has become a skill, and so that responding properly is second nature.

God calls all of His people to be warriors, and Jesus identifies His true Church, men and women both, as His Bride.

In this book, Connie brings these two aspects together in a beautiful way, for no warrior would willingly step out into battle without being properly outfitted and trained in warfare, and no bride would attend her wedding without her dress.

 - Nancy Bowser, Author

  "Watchman Warrior, Intercessory Prayer"

  "The Soul Redeemer," Book One

  "The Soul Redeemer," Book Two: From Victim to Victory

  "The Soul Redeemer," Book Three: Kingdoms


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