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In your hunger for more of what you have found inside The Tameion Chamber, you return day after day, and before you enter, you pause. You look closely at the door. You can feel your heartbeat and you sense the host of angels. Heaven becomes still as all eyes are gazing with you upon the beauty and mystery of the chamber door, you ask yourself,


"Am I ready?"


You know that each time you enter the chamber you will be washed by an unexpected season of the unknown.

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Wardrobe of The Warrior Bride

Some of the treasures that await those 

who open the door of their Tameion Chamber to Jesus the Son, the Father and the Holy Spirit.

Garment of Salvation

Priestly Undergarments

Robe of Righteousness

Belt of Righteousness

Garment of Light

Sash of Faithfulness

Garment of Praise

Crown of Beauty

The Aroma of Christ

Belt of Truth

Breastplate of Righteousness

Shoes of Peace

Helmet of Salvation

Hidden Manna

Spear and Other Weapons

Outer Garments of Love and Humility

Oil of Anointing

Eye Salve and Spiritual Spectacles

Shield of Faith

Sword of the Spirit

Rod of Authority

Intercessor's Mantle

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